Fuel Efficient

June 30, 2008

As I was driving to church yesterday I discovered something a bit out of the ordinary.  Two horses were grazing in a grassy patch just down the hill from the high school.  They were just outside the doors of the Restoration Church.  My first thought wasn’t “oh no – two horses have escaped from their fence.”  No -my first thought was “some folks must have ridden their horses to church to save gas.”  Turns out that they were fugitives.  I suppose fuel prices have distorted my reasoning capabilities.    

A New Partnership

June 25, 2008

Later this year Cross Point will be participating in the construction of a Habitat for Humanity home.  In the coming months we’ll be sharing more of the specifics but for now – just know that it’s coming and that it’ll be a great way to invest into the Dickson community and into the family/individual that will occupy this new home.  Over these last weeks, I’ve had the privlege to learn more about this orgainzation through several conversations with Chris Greene.  Chris serves as the Development and Volunteer Manager for Habitat.  Recently, he shared the need for some volunteers to help support an upcoming fund raiser.  The event is the Fiddler’s Contest scheduled for this upcoming weekend.  If you are interested in volunteering for this event – you can reach Chris at 441-9967 or cgreene@habitatnashville.org.  The shifts on Saturday are from 8:45am – 3pm and 3pm – 10pm.    

In Case You Missed It

June 24, 2008


In case you missed it…

On Sunday I had the honor of introducing Butch Simmons as our new Director of Ministries at Cross Point Dickson.  Butch is an amazing guy with an amazing heart for ministry.  From day one, he and his family have served diligently to create a setting for authentic worship and an environment that’s ideal for connecting with others.  I have personally benefited from Butch’s friendship and steady example.  Butch’s primary focus will be in the areas of worship and community groups.  I am eager to watch as God continues to use Butch in substantial ways to further build the Kingdom.        


June 19, 2008








I had the chance to hear Matthew West at the Renaissance Center last night.  He was in town to help celebrate the efforts of the Resurrectors Mission Camp.  For the last ten years FUMC of Dickson has sponsored a week of renovations and construction for area residents.  It would seem that the camp has brought great joy to participants and recipients.  During the concert, Matthew West shared about an experience that occurred a little over a year ago.  He had to undergo a significant procedure on his vocal chords.  As a part of his recovery – he had to remain silent for two (2) months.  Roughly sixty days.  1/6 of a year.  More than 1400 hours.  Can you imagine?  His story got me thinking about the new teaching series SYNC.  Last week Pete spoke about silence – or the lack thereof in our routines.  I got to thinking about a verse in Ecclesiastes: Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God.  God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few (NIV Ecc. 5:2).  So here’s my question…

You spend two months without uttering a word.  When you finally do speak – what will you have to say?  What thoughts or topics will lead your first discussion with someone else?      

Rocco Roberts

June 16, 2008

I don’t watch much golf.  I play even less frequently.  Yesterday, however, I found myself sucked into the US Open.  Apparently Tiger Woods is fresh off a knee surgery and yet he was nonetheless charging toward another victory.  Enter Rocco Mediate – a mostly unknown player that finished the final round in the lead.  Tiger (as usual) dug deep and forced a playoff.  I’m pulling for Rocco.  He seems like a quality guy.  But mostly I’m just intrigued with his name.  Rocco.  To set the record straight – we’re not expecting.  On occasion we talk about prospective names for a child – should we start a family.  Rocco is now tops on my list.  Rocco Roberts.  It like it.  I like it a lot.    


A couple of years ago I acquired a Vespa scooter.  At the time – it was purchased mostly as a toy.  Other friends had four-wheelers, waverunners, and jet skis.  The Vespa was my clever usage of discretionary cash.  With the current gas prices – I feel as if it was a rather wise investment.  I’ve ridden the Vespa quite a lot lately.  The recent temperatures make for ideal treks to work and for other various destinations.  Over the years I’ve allowed a handful of folks to take the scooter for a quick spin.  The majority of those outings have been disastrous.  Twice it’s been wrecked when I’ve relinquished control.  Fortunately no major injuries have been sustained and the friendships have remained intact.  Yesterday Matt Singleton (the Creative Director at Cross Point) expressed an interest in experiencing the Vespa firsthand.  I didn’t want the Vespa to claim another victim.   I provided some quick instruction and said a little prayer.  Matt handled the scooter masterfully.  Perhaps Cross Point is looking at the makings of another Evil Knievel. 


Yesterday was a great day!  After a good deal of anticipation – we kicked off our new teaching series for these summer months (SYNC).  For the next couple of months we’ll be exploring how we can position ourselves for a deeper faith and genuine spiritual transformation.  A few of the notes/quotes that I took away from the message are as follows:

What characterizes my life?  What words would serve to describe me right now?  Do words like joy, kindness, self-control seems accurate?

Do I want Christ to be formed in my life?

I have to own my spiritual life.  I can’t depend on Pete or the church to say my prayers for me (though many do pray for me) or to read my bible for me (though Pete does a solid job of bringing scripture to life).  I have to step up and be faithful in these areas.  Pastors and churches can only do so much to grow my faith. 

Am I settling for too little?  I live a rather comfortable life but am I truly experiencing the full life that Jesus’ speaks of in John 10:10?

Do I want Christ more than anything else this world can offer?

So what do you think?  Are you being challenged yet?  I am.   

A team of volunteers from our Nashville and Dickson campuses have just hit the road for a weekend of serving.  For some time now – Cross Point has organized trips to Wheelwright, KY.  It is our hope to serve, encourage, and share the love of Christ with those that we encounter.  Please be in prayer for this team.


June 5, 2008

a night at the Bilbrey\'s


Last night our middle and high school students gathered for what is known as CHARGE.  I had the opportunity to join the festivities and I was truly encouraged by the evening.  I hope that you are aware of this – but if not – we’ve got some great students and a batch of caring leaders.  Starting a student ministry from scratch might be one of the most difficult things in ministry.  Teenagers are so busy with school, sports, and part-time jobs.  Even when they want to participate in scheduled events sometimes the other demands of their time simply disallow their involvement.  Add to all of this a ministry that is yet to prove itself to the masses and you’ve got yourself a tall challenge.  As we launched the Dickson campus, we desired to place the focus on student community groups.  Community doesn’t develop overnight but I sense that relationships are moving forward and I’m intrigued with the implications.  Currently we offer a monthly large group opportunity for our students and I look forward to watching this gathering move from a monthly occurrence to a more frequent routine.  This summer our Dickson area students (along with our Nashville campus) will have the opportunity to serve the folks of Wheelwright, KY as part of a week long effort to lead Vacation Bible School for young children and contribute to some light construction needs in the community.  I’m grateful for our teenagers and the families they represent.  I’m so proud to call Cross Point my church.

Slightly Intimidated

June 2, 2008

I’ve always been most comfortable with a pencil and a legal pad.  I had an Atari 2600 as a kid and never upgraded.  I didn’t own a personal computer until I was 26.  I’ve been reluctant to enter the blog world but it seems as if now is the time.  I imagine that I’ll fumble through this for a season – but perhaps I’ll eventually get the hang of this fresh but well established forum for communication.