June 5, 2008

a night at the Bilbrey\'s


Last night our middle and high school students gathered for what is known as CHARGE.  I had the opportunity to join the festivities and I was truly encouraged by the evening.  I hope that you are aware of this – but if not – we’ve got some great students and a batch of caring leaders.  Starting a student ministry from scratch might be one of the most difficult things in ministry.  Teenagers are so busy with school, sports, and part-time jobs.  Even when they want to participate in scheduled events sometimes the other demands of their time simply disallow their involvement.  Add to all of this a ministry that is yet to prove itself to the masses and you’ve got yourself a tall challenge.  As we launched the Dickson campus, we desired to place the focus on student community groups.  Community doesn’t develop overnight but I sense that relationships are moving forward and I’m intrigued with the implications.  Currently we offer a monthly large group opportunity for our students and I look forward to watching this gathering move from a monthly occurrence to a more frequent routine.  This summer our Dickson area students (along with our Nashville campus) will have the opportunity to serve the folks of Wheelwright, KY as part of a week long effort to lead Vacation Bible School for young children and contribute to some light construction needs in the community.  I’m grateful for our teenagers and the families they represent.  I’m so proud to call Cross Point my church.


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