Sync – A New Teaching Series for the Summer

June 9, 2008

Yesterday was a great day!  After a good deal of anticipation – we kicked off our new teaching series for these summer months (SYNC).  For the next couple of months we’ll be exploring how we can position ourselves for a deeper faith and genuine spiritual transformation.  A few of the notes/quotes that I took away from the message are as follows:

What characterizes my life?  What words would serve to describe me right now?  Do words like joy, kindness, self-control seems accurate?

Do I want Christ to be formed in my life?

I have to own my spiritual life.  I can’t depend on Pete or the church to say my prayers for me (though many do pray for me) or to read my bible for me (though Pete does a solid job of bringing scripture to life).  I have to step up and be faithful in these areas.  Pastors and churches can only do so much to grow my faith. 

Am I settling for too little?  I live a rather comfortable life but am I truly experiencing the full life that Jesus’ speaks of in John 10:10?

Do I want Christ more than anything else this world can offer?

So what do you think?  Are you being challenged yet?  I am.   


2 Responses to “Sync – A New Teaching Series for the Summer”

  1. Aaron said

    welcome to the blogosphere. i have been following Pete’s blog for a while now and now looking forward to yours

  2. cdroberts said

    thanks for the warm reception

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