Not another Victim of the Vespa

June 11, 2008

A couple of years ago I acquired a Vespa scooter.  At the time – it was purchased mostly as a toy.  Other friends had four-wheelers, waverunners, and jet skis.  The Vespa was my clever usage of discretionary cash.  With the current gas prices – I feel as if it was a rather wise investment.  I’ve ridden the Vespa quite a lot lately.  The recent temperatures make for ideal treks to work and for other various destinations.  Over the years I’ve allowed a handful of folks to take the scooter for a quick spin.  The majority of those outings have been disastrous.  Twice it’s been wrecked when I’ve relinquished control.  Fortunately no major injuries have been sustained and the friendships have remained intact.  Yesterday Matt Singleton (the Creative Director at Cross Point) expressed an interest in experiencing the Vespa firsthand.  I didn’t want the Vespa to claim another victim.   I provided some quick instruction and said a little prayer.  Matt handled the scooter masterfully.  Perhaps Cross Point is looking at the makings of another Evil Knievel. 



3 Responses to “Not another Victim of the Vespa”

  1. I took my Uncle’s scooter for a spin a few years ago.  I almost killed myself and was inches from smashing into a brick wall. Charlie was yelling “look out!” – He was a nervous wreck.  In other words, don’t let me near this thing!!
    Love your blog – looking forward to reading much more…

  2. Dude, how did I miss out on this? I want a ride!

  3. You know, I’ve actually been looking at Vespa Scooters lately. I’ve always been a fan of the Vespa (especially after all the scooter scenes in Scrubs).

    If the gas prices keep going up I’m sure I’ll be joining the Vespa club before too long!

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