A New Partnership

June 25, 2008

Later this year Cross Point will be participating in the construction of a Habitat for Humanity home.  In the coming months we’ll be sharing more of the specifics but for now – just know that it’s coming and that it’ll be a great way to invest into the Dickson community and into the family/individual that will occupy this new home.  Over these last weeks, I’ve had the privlege to learn more about this orgainzation through several conversations with Chris Greene.  Chris serves as the Development and Volunteer Manager for Habitat.  Recently, he shared the need for some volunteers to help support an upcoming fund raiser.  The event is the Fiddler’s Contest scheduled for this upcoming weekend.  If you are interested in volunteering for this event – you can reach Chris at 441-9967 or cgreene@habitatnashville.org.  The shifts on Saturday are from 8:45am – 3pm and 3pm – 10pm.    


3 Responses to “A New Partnership”

  1. Cindy said

    I am so excited that we will have a volunteer opportunity with Habitat for Humanity through Crosspoint and especially in Dickson! I have had the priviledge of working with Habitat for Humanity through the Bank on a home here in Nashville and it was just such a great experience and I was so excited to be able to help someone to have a home of their own. I am not able to volunteer to help with the fund raiser Saturday but look forward to being involved with more opportunities in the future.


  2. Cindy said

    I am so excited that Cross Point will be working with Habitat for Humanity in Dickson! I’ve been involved in the past on a project through the Bank in Nashville and enjoyed working and getting to know the family, it was a great experience. I will definitely be ready to volunteer to help with the build later this year. Thanks!

  3. fullofboys said

    Whoohoo! An opportunity to make a difference in our community! I am so excited to know that it will be coming soon. Can’t wait to get involved…I am just hoping there is a role for a cheerleader. Heath is great with a hammer and all other tools, I just like to encourage from the sidelines! 🙂

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