Fuel Efficient

June 30, 2008

As I was driving to church yesterday I discovered something a bit out of the ordinary.  Two horses were grazing in a grassy patch just down the hill from the high school.  They were just outside the doors of the Restoration Church.  My first thought wasn’t “oh no – two horses have escaped from their fence.”  No -my first thought was “some folks must have ridden their horses to church to save gas.”  Turns out that they were fugitives.  I suppose fuel prices have distorted my reasoning capabilities.    


One Response to “Fuel Efficient”

  1. Gina Wincheste said

    Hey Chad, this blogging thing is kinda fun. This is my first time to participate. This story reminded me of a “front page” article in the local “Herald” 15 yrs. ago when we first moved to WB.Someones cows had gotten out of the pasture. We laughed and said, well we know were in the country now.

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