Serving in the Southern Hemisphere

July 1, 2008


Admittedly, Honduras isn’t in the Southern Hemisphere – but it’s a long, long way from here.  For the next week a number of Dickson residents will invest their energies serving the impoverished folks of Honduras.  The team spends their evenings at the ranch at Mission Lazarus.  From what I understand, they travel each day to the mountain village of Duyure to operate their medical clinic.  Although only about 18 miles in distance, it takes them over an hour each way to drive because of the poor roads.  Hondurans will travel up to three hours by foot from their surrounding villages to see them.  Patients are usually lined up outside the clinic by the time the team arrives in the morning.  Just yesterday they saw 232 medical patients, 30 dental patients (pulled 64 teeth), and saw 50 optometry patients.  Walter Stephens saw a little one year old and from the exam believed her to possibly be mentally delayed.  When David Faulks examined her next he thought she had vision issues and he tried on the ONE pair of infant lenses he had.  She immediately perked up and was so excited because she could focus on things for the first time.  God thing?  You bet.  While most of the team is serving in the clinic, some team members are out working in the village doing construction. One of the goals this year is to build several out houses – as this town has no sanitation.  Some of the teenagers on the trip will also spend time in the schools and orphanages working with the children.


From Cross Point Dickson we have seven folks on this trip: Walter Stephens, David Faulks, David Ford, Millie Ham, Cindy Pulse, Sara Stephens, and Erin Stephens.  The team will dispense about five thousand dollars worth of medicine during this effort.  They’ll also be providing hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses that Dr Faulks will be fitting for patients.  Imagine someone who has not been able to see for thirty years, now able to read a Bible in their language.


Please join me in praying for the team and the many men, women, boys, and girls that they’ll encounter.  I’m grateful for this team and for their heart for the Lord and for others.



5 Responses to “Serving in the Southern Hemisphere”

  1. I love how Cross Point folks serve – this is awesome!

  2. fullofboys said

    I knew of some of those people but had no clue there were so many! I can not wait to hear their stories!

  3. […] are a few pictures they took. For more details, you can CLICK HERE and read Chad Robert’s blog, he’s the Dickson campus pastor. .gallery { margin: auto; […]

  4. Incredible. Thanks for sharing, Chad.

  5. 5th Street said

    I love to hear this kind of story. Thanks for living out the gospel.

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