Brighter Days

July 10, 2008

Later today our students will be returning from a mission trip to Wheelwright, KY.  Students from our Nashville and Dickson campuses have spent the week loving children, serving families, and growing together as a group.  The students ate well, but the accommodations aren’t exactly resort status.  They are to be commended for sleeping on the floor and managing the week with one shower/bathroom per gender.  I spent the first couple of days with this group and was greatly encouraged.  They are teenagers and thus filled with an abundance of commentary and standard pranks (which were addressed).  Yet they showed great maturity at times.  I observed our students reaching out to children with every intention of making them feel valued and loved.  I watched students getting their hands dirty by gathering trash and serving to improve the conditions of deteriorating homes.  They pointed others toward a loving God and deepened their own relationship with Christ.  I am proud of their efforts and appreciate their willingness to give of their time and resources.  


3 Responses to “Brighter Days”

  1. Exciting stuff Chad. I love to see these teenagers shattering every preconceived notion our culture has about them by going out and serving in this way.

  2. ally said


    It’s never too early to develop a heart of service, and it’s exciting to read about people, especially teens, sharing the hope of Christ with others.

  3. I love seeing these guys go back every year and give up their time,energy,and hearts for this community. God is really doing some amazing things up there, through Charge, and other groups that continue to serve in Wheelwright. Thanks again for coming with us, I dont think we could have gotten that floor framed without ya 😉

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