Pictures & a Picnic

July 19, 2008


For a season, Rhonda and I lived entirely debt free.  No credit card balance, no student loan, no car payment, and no mortgage.  On Tuesday, all of that changed.  We bought a house.  For the next thirty years we’ll owe Bank of America a sizeable portion of our monthly income.  We are totally blessed and I’m so grateful for how God has provided for us.  I’m not complaining and home ownership is our own choosing.  I’m just stating the obvious.  Once upon a time – debt-free.  And now – not so much.  We moved on Thursday and many of the boxes are now unpacked.  Yet every wall is bare.  I suppose eventually we’ll hang a few pictures.  For now – we’ve got a lot of blank space.  It really doesn’t trouble me.  It’s just an observation.

It’s time for a PICNIC.  Not at the new house – though perhaps one day we’ll host a little shindig on the grounds.  I’m talking about our BIG Cross Point SUMMER PICNIC that’s happening TOMORROW (7/20).  At 4:30pm we’ll gather for an afternoon of fellowship, food and fun.  We’ll have inflatable bounce houses for the kids and sno-cones for everyone.  The location for the picnic is Lakeview Park in Dickson.  It’s just off of Weaver Drive (which becomes Beasley Drive a little closer to Wal-Mart).  On Sunday afternoon, we’ll also be sharing in a time of baptism.  Don’t miss this special occasion and opportunity to develop some friendships.  Remember to bring a blanket and/or lawn chair.     



3 Responses to “Pictures & a Picnic”

  1. Laurie said

    Welcome again to the land of Dickson. We are sooo happy to finally have you here 24-7. BTW Walter is a really killer picture hanger. He’s totally OCD about use of the level in the process. Hey ! the inflatables are for all age fun, not just kids – in fact I’ll challenge Rhonda to a race through the obstacle course if she’s up for it! See you tomorrow.

  2. Jessica said

    YEAH, Congrats on the house!!! tell Rhonda Hello it has been toooooo Long… I need to come to Dickson some Sunday!

  3. I hated to miss the picnic. Can’t wait for the next one.

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