Busy (Yet Enjoyable) Days

August 14, 2008

It’s been a full yet encouraging week (particularly the evenings).  On Monday night we gathered for Discovering Cross Point.  It was so incredible to hear how God is at work in the lives of individuals and families.  I’m so grateful to be a part of this community of faith.  On Tuesday night, I met with the Elders here at Cross Point.  I have such respect and appreciation for these guys.  Their wisdom and desire for healthy ministry is so evident.  On Wednesday night, we gathered our children’s ministry volunteers to spend a little time with one another and with our new Children’s Ministry Director, Leslie Hanson.  I can’t begin to express my excitement for where I believe we are headed with our efforts to care for children.  I don’t have any evening commitments for today – which means I’ll have a bit of discretionary time for viewing the Olympics.  I’ve caught a few events along the way but it’s created an absence of sleep for me.  I’m digging the gymnastics.  I have zero interest in wearing tights but those guy and gals have incredible skills.  Here’s my attempt to qualify for the 2012 games.



6 Responses to “Busy (Yet Enjoyable) Days”

  1. Man,if you compete in the 2012 games,I would TOTALLY sponsor you!

  2. Ladybird said

    I am impressed…..and a little bit scared! 🙂

  3. When and how did you do this?

  4. This is way too funny!! I say go for the gold, man, I give ya a perfect 10!

  5. Laurie said

    Ummm… I don’t think that’s you. Do you have a stunt double?

  6. I’m impressed. Love doing ministry with you Chad.

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