A Collection of Thoughts/Observations/Questions

September 1, 2008

I suppose a good blog post is concise and focused.  This particular one won’t be.  I’ve got a number of swirling thoughts/observations/questions – so here they go…


I just watched The Bucket List.  I don’t want to ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it – so I’ll be vague with the overview.  The storyline follows two men in their final months of life.  There are references to the afterlife and the measure/evaluation of this life.  One character asks the other (somewhat of a paraphrase) – where have you have found joy?  And – have you provided joy for others?  Over the years I’ve worked to better understand words like joy, happiness, and contentment.  I’ve tried to frame each of these in light of God’s grand perspective and with deep recognition of His grace and goodness.  How do you perceive joy?  How do you serve to be a source of hope/joy/encouragement to those around you?


I just started reading Playing for Pizza.  It’s a John Grisham novel about a former standout (at least by high school and collegiate standards) football player.  His NFL chances are no more – thus he moves to Italy to play American Football in a country that doesn’t even charge admission to the games.  I’m not very far into the book but here’s what I’m chewing on…


How do you deal with adversity?  What measures do you take to push a dream forward?  At what point do you begin to wonder if it’s perseverance that you need or just acknowledge that the dream isn’t exactly what God has planned for you?


I’m further processing Matthew 18 and the instructions on addressing a fellow Christ-follower that has sinned against or wronged another (more specifically it speaks of what to do if YOU have been sinned against).  It speaks of approaching that person privately to discuss the matter.  If there is no progress – then we’re told to return with another person (or two) to try once more to resolve the matter.  If still no resolution (or confession of wrongdoing) then the matter is to be taken before the church.  What’s your experience been with this sequence?  I’m not looking for the gritty details.  Just curious as to how God worked through the situation and the pursuit of reconciliation.


I love our church!  Pastor Pete was in town (Dickson campus) yesterday and shared some exciting news in the midst of the message.  In the coming months and years – we’re involving ourselves/committing to several significant ministry pursuits.  Later this year, both campuses will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity.  Collectively we’ll be contributing to the construction of four homes.  That’s very cool!  Currently we allocate 10% of our weekly offering to missions.  These monies are designated for ministry needs elsewhere (locally, regionally, and internationally).  Over the next ten years, Cross Point has committed itself to increase missions giving by 1 percent annually.  Thus in ten years – our annual budget will allocate 20% to missions.  Estimates put total giving (two campuses towards missions) around $7,500,000 over the next decade.  That’s incredible!  Physical and spiritual needs abound.  Can you imagine the impact of these financial resources on those hurting and searching for hope?  A quick albeit significant side note – as a church we’re not interested in “just writing a check” to missions.  Our strong preference and pursuit is to provide people resources as well.  Our desire is to be personally involved and engaged with the ministries that we support.  Another big announcement from yesterday is the commitment to plant a third campus.  There is still a lot of praying and planning to do – yet it’s evident that another campus is where we need to give our energies.  New churches reach new people.  We’ve found hope in Christ – why wouldn’t we be intentional to provide a ministry setting where He can be discovered?  Finally, as we closed our services yesterday – we invited you share in the effort to build and strengthen our various ministry teams.  You responded.  Thank you.  I can’t wait to see your gifts and abilities used to further ministry.  God is doing some amazing things through you – I’m so grateful to be a part of this community of faith.               


2 Responses to “A Collection of Thoughts/Observations/Questions”

  1. It’s an honor to serve with you Chad. I’m thankful for your heart! Can’t wait to see what God does in the next few years.

  2. Ladybird said

    I am super excited about all the changes happening at CP! I can’t wait to volunteer more after things settle down at Casa de Garton.

    BTW…..love the haircut!

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