Sixteen Years and Counting

September 11, 2008

In recent weeks I’ve heard several of you reference upcoming or recent high school reunions. I’ve never attended a reunion (a least not at my alma mater – but that’s another story).  I missed the tenth year (I was visiting friends on the West Coast) and the fifteenth (I suppose one occurred though I never received an invitation).  It’s been sixteen years since I graduated – so I’ve got some time to wait before the next BIG event.  I was just in North Carolina last weekend and noticed that my high school is undergoing a major renovation.  They’ve stripped the old facade (and then some) and seem many months from completion.  I wonder how differently I appear after a decade and a half of post-high school life.  How have you changed?  I’m not talking about a receding hairline or a few pounds.  I’m talking about character, passion, perspective, faith, etc. – the things that matter much more than trends in hairstyles, music, and wardrobes.  So what do you think?


2 Responses to “Sixteen Years and Counting”

  1. fullofboys said

    I have changed SO much…I often say ‘if my high school friends could see me now’…and then finish with a variety of items. My character has changed the most…I am much more compassionate…not as worried about the trends or popularity.

  2. Ladybird said

    I agree with FullOfBoys. I am much more compassionate and not worried about who’s who anymore. I think that has made me more outgoing as a person, more approachable…….more loving as a human. I think that I am a completely different person and alot better character wise. I know that my faith has helped to shape the new me….I was in a completely different place with faith in high school.

    Ironic that you posted about this. Birddog’s 20 year high school reunion is tomorrow…..and I am going to be sporting this pregnant belly with pride! LOL! All of his friends have kids graduating this year and we are just starting our family! 🙂

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