September 17, 2008



I know that costly fuel is the norm these days.  It’s been discussed often and complained about even more so.  I was just struck afresh yesterday when I filled up our Honda Accord.  I’ve been long convinced that a $60 fill-up is for large boats, SUVs and 18-wheelers.  Pouring sixty dollars worth of black gold (or at least its derivative) into the relatively fuel efficient Honda just broke my heart.  How are you handling the spike in fuel costs?  How have your driving patterns been altered?   

4 Responses to “YIKES!”

  1. Jessica said

    IM with ya, my little ol Saturn hit $60 with this increase as well. I mean that is the cost of a good Massage!! I dont drive much if I can help it. I walk to church, Only go out to work when I am scheduled, (I cut out all my extra trip to “get things done”) My Roomie drives most of the time when we do extra things. (but she gets to carpool to work everyday)

  2. If it makes you feel any better,I have a friend who pays $130 to fill up his truck. The kicker is,He only gets as many miles as you out of a tank. :S

  3. Laurie said

    One word. VESPA!!!

  4. It hurts. I’ve been trying not to make extra trips and Brandi and I have been trying to ride together as much as possible.

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