Seemingly Ill-Advised Attempts at Greatness

September 23, 2008



Over the years, I’ve attempted a number of bizarre things.  I had high hopes of mastering each of these pursuits.  To be perfectly honest, I suppose that none of these activities, hobbies or sports are really that peculiar or bizarre – they are just far from my comfort zone or skill set.  In tenth grade, I was talked into joining the wrestling team (I’m the muscular kid in the gray uniform).  I won my first ever match.  I’d like to brag – but the reality is that my opponent picked me up to demolish me.  Somehow he slipped and I fell on top of him.  I won the match… due to his clumsiness.  In college, I bought a guitar.  I have zero musical ability.  When I tried out for the band in middle school, the instructor told me that I should run track instead.  I purchased the guitar with hopes that I could play a few chords and draw the attention of some cute girls.  I never quite mastered the chords – but I do have a very attractive wife – she’s not so concerned with my guitar skills.  I sold the guitar at a yard sale not so long ago.  While in seminary I purchased a surfboard.  I thought I might secure a cool tan, catch a few waves, and oh yeah – meet some cute girls.  I was still single at the time.  I failed to take into consideration that I was living two and a half hours from the coast.  I made a few trips to the beach, only to realize that I didn’t have the coordination to surf.  I later sold the surfboard.  Pole-vaulting, mountain biking, and kayaking also make my list of short-lived attempts at greatness.  I’ve learned a thing or two about myself through each of these pursuits.  What have you attempted – only to shake your head later wondering, “What was I thinking?” 



5 Responses to “Seemingly Ill-Advised Attempts at Greatness”

  1. I learn new things about you every day! Pole vaulting – I want to hear about that!

  2. I started wrestling when I was 6 and continued all the way through high school. In So.Illinois, wrestling was nearly as popular as football. I also bombed at the guitar thing. I just cant my brain and left fingers to operate at the same time. Golf, tennis, skateboarding,and model airplanes make up my list of failures.

    BTW. I love the muscualr guy in the background with his school pride T-shirt on and his (obviously) matching plaid twill golf shorts. When was this taken? 198_ what? Also. You go some big feet! 🙂


  3. I’ll give you $20 to wear that wrestling uniform to work tomorrow!! I’m serious.

  4. Amy England said

    I make Scott give you $40 to wear that uniform again!!!

  5. Jim said

    Pole Vaulting???? Dude! I have a newfound respect for you. I sat here and tried to think of something I have tried that I failed miserably at, and I am actually drawing a blank. (Maybe I should ask my wife…) I think what that may say about the difference between us is that you were willing to try more stuff. Maybe I need to get out there a little more.

    Oh, wait…. Just remembered that stint as an Emu rancher……

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