Separation Anxiety

September 25, 2008

I consider myself to be rather frugal.  I rarely buy clothing, gadgets (electronic or otherwise), music (tangible CDs or downloads), or much of anything found at Target or the great American shopping mall.  I do have a thing for shoes.  Not trendy, snazzy footwear for appearance sake – I’m way too practical for those type purchases.  I’m talking about running shoes.  Over the years, I’ve become an avid fan of the Brooks Adrenaline series.  I’m pleased with their fit and their overall durability.  I’m so impressed with them that I’ve had a difficult time parting with them once they’ve lost their worthiness for actual pounding of the pavement.  Once in semi-retirement these shoes enable me to perform yard work, play tennis, and go fishing in the creek.  After a recent weed-eating effort, I left a pair on the back steps.  This morning as I left my home – I was astonished to find my shoes no longer united. 

Who or what was responsible for this troubling development?  Was it a coyote, stray dog, or mountain lion?  We’ve seen a couple of cats around the neighborhood (and in our yard) but no canines most often associated with devouring footwear.  Could a cat have walked off with my shoe?  I began to scour the backyard – no dice.  I moved to the front yard and breathed a sign of relief.  There at the corner of the yard was my well-worn, molded to my phalanges, previously MIA shoe.   

No cuts, no tears, no holes of which to speak.  Yard work will continue at the Roberts household.  

From this day forward – we’ll be shutting the gate.  Perhaps this will keep those pesky varmints from messing with my sneakers.




One Response to “Separation Anxiety”

  1. If the shoe fits … wear it. Hello, Roberts family. Hope things are going well for you these days. I used your names in vain in my own blog today (Upward related). We love and miss you “guys.”

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