Baggage – Envy

October 2, 2008

Ben Goolsby takes top honors at the Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5K


Last Saturday I met up with Ben Goolsby to participate in the 9th Annual Shelby Bottoms 5K race.  We payed the same fee to enter, received similar commemorative t-shirts and started on the same starting line.  This is where the commonalities cease.  After the gun was fired (actually it may have been a bullhorn sound) Ben exploded like a rocket and I chugged along like an injured sea lion on tranquilizers.  Ben moved through the course with ease and efficiency of movement.  The distance between us grew as the race continued.  He finished a full three minutes ahead of me and was the outright, overall champion.  I was excited for him but a little envious as well.  Why can’t I travel distances with such speed and enjoyment?  I have great respect for Ben and his character.  It’s hard not to like him but I do wish that I could finish in front of him just once.  

Here at Cross Point we’re in a teaching series called Baggage.  This coming Sunday we’ll be setting our focus on the subject of Envy.  Some quick yet profound considerations to process as we approach this week’s message…

Envy is not a STUFF issue.

Envy is not a PEOPLE issue.

Envy is a SPIRITUAL issue.


Is ENVY an issue for you?



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