A Curious Twist

October 16, 2008

It’s not unusual to be asked about the student ministry opportunities at Cross Point.  Over the last number of months, we’ve been working towards a strategic and sound approach to reaching and developing middle and high school students for the cause of Christ. At Cross Point there exist environments for teaching, mentoring, corporate worship and some open time slots where we invite students to serve others.  We’re blessed to have great leaders and some truly remarkable students.  Last night we had an event known as Charge.  It’s a high-energy student gathering of all ages and genders.  At Charge we generally share in a time of music and teaching, often a game, and undoubtedly a selection of healthy food items (cookies, pizza, chocolate).  A curious thing happened last night.  There is a young man (a sixth grader) that I’ve watched over these last ten months or so.  He and his family serve at Cross Point in a wide variety of ways.  This particular son consistently serves and gives behind the scenes – just as his parents and siblings do.  That said – what I observed shouldn’t be so shocking yet it still caught my attention.  Two weeks ago – said young man attended his very first Charge United (a monthly gathering of both the Nashville and Dickson students) event.  The night seemed to create a little anxiety for he and his family – a sixth grader joining the youth group for the first time.  For the son it was a big step – for his mom and dad it generated a new season of parenting – as their child was growing up and entering into new ministry environments.  The sixth grader had even mentioned that he might throw-up.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was a bad dose of spaghetti or the anxious energy of meeting new people and visiting a new setting.  In the end – he did fine.  He did so well – that last night at Charge (a mere two weeks after his maiden voyage into student ministry) he played bass with our student worship band.  Again – he suggested that he might throw-up, but he didn’t.  Though perhaps a bit uncertain and nervous – he shared in an effort to lead our students in a time of worship through music.  He was willing to use his abilities to serve others and to honor God.  I am greatly impressed.  This is but one example.  When I observe our adults and students – I am often reminded that God is at work.  A community is forming and I’m honored to share in these special moments.        


2 Responses to “A Curious Twist”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a great night! Wish I could have popped in!

  2. Awesome story Chad. Please share with that student that I feel like “throwing up” most Sunday mornings.

    I think it comes along with being used by God!

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