Bright Lights, Big City

October 20, 2008

As many of you know – Rhonda and I moved to Dickson just a few months ago.  In the quest to become Dickson residents, we spent countless hours searching for a home that would satisfy our needs (and our budget).  As we narrowed the search and talked about the prospective Roberts’ abode – several of you knew the property’s exact location.  There are several notable landmarks in our neighborhood.  We’re across the way from Walnut Street Church of Christ, a short walk from downtown, and a stone’s throw from the Police Department.  Yes – we’re in the thick of it.  Yet – none of these landmarks scored as the most popular reference point.  Nope – the most highly acclaimed point of reference belongs to the folks next door.  


Wait – not those neighbors.  These neighbors…

The folks next door rival the Griswolds from Christmas Vacation.  They make quite a statement with their festive lawn décor.  Rhonda and I have enjoyed getting to know them.  They are kind, friendly, and as you might have guessed – a lot of fun.  They have a steady reputation for bringing smiles to children with their colorful holiday decorations.  Last year they had somewhere in the ballpark of three hundred (300) trick or treaters.  That detail stresses me out greatly.  Rhonda and I failed to budget for that many candy seekers.  If you discover mass quantities of sugary treats at a drastically reduced price – please let us know.  


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