DCHS Service Day

October 20, 2008

About twenty-five folks gathered on Saturday to spruce up the campus at Dickson County High School.  Here are a few photos.

A BIG thanks to everyone that participated!


4 Responses to “DCHS Service Day”

  1. Twix said

    In my opinion I actualy had fun picking up trash. Mainly cause I like serving for our church and it was fun seeing what weird things I found, like a sock. Anyways I’ll be going to school there in a year. I also think your blog is awesome I actualy want one, but I don’t think I’ll actually do it.

  2. kelly said

    Austin and I had a great time great serving with everyone! Thanks Chad for posting pics! Have a great week.

  3. Jamie said

    This was a great day! It was nice to give back to DCHS and it was also great for me personally. I got to meet and begin to get to know new and different people from Cross Point. You would think that being from this small town for the last 10 years that I would know “everyone”. Well,that is not the case and … this was another super way to spend time with people in a small group. Thanks for posting some pics and mentioning on your blog!

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