Here Boy. Here ???

November 18, 2008


Rhonda & I need your assistance.  Over the weekend, we adopted a new pet.  We’d been talking about the scenario for some time.  On Saturday, we trekked over to the Dickson Humane Society and discovered the perfect fit for the Roberts household.  Our parents will think that we’ve lost our minds.  Perhaps so – but at least this endeavor will better prepare us for parenthood – should that day ever arrive.  The ladies at the DHS call our dog-to-be “Lucky.”  We’re not so confident that Lucky knows that his name is Lucky.  Therefore, we’re considering alternative names for our dog.  We don’t take possession of our little canine friend until Wednesday afternoon due to a mandatory visit to the veterinarian.  We’ve got about thirty hours to determine what we’ll call him.  Any ideas?    


6 Responses to “Here Boy. Here ???”

  1. Ben Goolsby said

    I need more information to make an inoformed decision. Dog names depend on size. However, I think the perfect name for any dog of any size is Leroy.

  2. Ladybird said

    My husband is a musician….so our dogs are named after the Blues Brothers….Jake and Elwood. Kyle’s aunt has a dog named Ezekiel and they call him Zeke. I think that is a pretty cool name. Wait a few days…..the pup’s personality will tell you what his name is!

    And big pats on the back for rescuing a shelter animal!!!!! Jake and Elwood were both rescues and you can teach an old dog new tricks! LOL!

    Congrats on the new addition!

  3. I say pull a john wayne, and just name him “Dog”.

  4. I’m so excited that you guys are getting a dog! By the way, Mick LOVES his “flippy flopper”… it’s like a security blanket for him. He’s never without it!

  5. Laurie said

    You totally have to name him Rocco Roberts! It’s kismet. You know I’m right…

  6. Ladybird said

    Ok……..we NEED some puppy pictures!!!!

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