Doggie Update

November 20, 2008

Per your request – here are a few photos




We’re still unsure of his name.  Still in the running are – Charlie, Elmer, Chester, Shadow, Dyson, LeRoy, and Dog.  He has yet to respond to any of these options.  He doesn’t read or write either.  But don’t go questioning his intellect.  He has already shown an appreciation for Carolina basketball.  He’s going to do just fine.   

10 Responses to “Doggie Update”

  1. Jaclyn said

    Ok, I have a great name…..ACE….that way you will always think of the Scotts 🙂 I can’t believe you have a dog just like ours, I am still waiting on the call to say we’re having a baby!!!! Tell Rhonda I said HELLO…..We miss you guys.

  2. Nice dog sir! I like Leroy for a name.

  3. Laurie said

    Dyson is my new fav. I hope night two leads to some better sleep for the new Mom. She seems a little tired today. But I hear he’s a gem.

  4. Jim A said

    I think you should call him Pete, or maybe Wilson. Yeah, Wilson would be good.

    Looks like you picked out a fine dog. Glad you were able to find something in a shelter. Also glad to see you were smarter than us about the size. We have a big house and land, but those two monsters of ours can be a real pain….

    If you ever need a dog sitter, you know where to bring him.

  5. Carolina? Ok , now you have to get rid of him 🙂 he definetly looks like a “dog”

  6. What a great looking dog.

  7. Ben Goolsby said

    Thank you so much for the update. Sorry I had to leave such a scathing message but inquiring minds want to know, man!!

    Leroy is best. I’ve already stated this.

  8. Oh, I love him already. I can’t wait to meet him. He poses for pictures much better than Mick!

  9. Alan said

    I’m on the Leroy bandwagon. He’s pretty!

  10. Ann Worf said

    I was really voting for Chester until I read the suggestion of Wilson. Here boy, here Wilson! Doesn’t that just roll off your tongue?

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