Christmas Cheer

December 8, 2008

I recently exchanged a series of text messages with a friend that shall remain nameless.


Ben Goolsby: Dude – Your house looks terrible. Get some spirit.




Me: One word – Recession.


Ben Goolsby: I bet your neighbors aren’t worried about this recession.




Me:  Apparently not.  Though I think they’re running extension cords from our outdoor outlets.


Ben Goolsby:  Are you being serious?


Me:  I was just kidding.  No Hatfield-McCoy situation on Center Avenue.


So here’s my response to the critique.  If you look real closely – you’ll find little candles in the windows downstairs.  There is also a wreath on the front door.  Ben, thanks for the inspiration.




7 Responses to “Christmas Cheer”

  1. Ladybird said

    It is like you live next to Clark Griswald! If it makes you feel better, you have ten times more decorations than us! I think your house looks great.

  2. fullofboys said

    Yeah – ours does not look too festive either…much to Joel dismay. He has told me repeatedly that we are late on getting up our decorations. Wonder what he will think when we don’t have any up outside until another year?

  3. Laurie said

    Just take comfort in how very “green” you are. I must admit, maybe a few wreaths or something on the fence would be nice, though…

  4. I’m going to sneak up to Dickson one night and decorate your yard!

    Until then I will refer to you as Pastor Scrooge! 🙂

  5. Ben Goolsby said

    Megan and I were at Big Lots last night and had quite a discussion. We found all these inflatables and we said that if we had some unlimited source of funds, we would put every one we could find in there. So Pete, you take up the offering and you have a willing volunteer to help you in fulfiling our dream.
    I noticed your electric candles the other day. Pretty sweet.

  6. Ben Goolsby said

    Not to mention the fact you basically have two Christmas trees growing in your front yard. String some popcorn, throw on some lights.

  7. Laurie said

    I think I’ll side with Ben on this one. You have two ready made trees by the door. At least put those throw on light nets! Big Lots and even dollar General can help. What sort of example are you?

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