Sweet Tunes

December 11, 2008

Last week I joined a group of our students for an event known as Winter Wonder Slam. The evening included the music of Relient K, Family Force 5, and Toby Mac. It was one of those occasions where I realized that I’m getting old(er). The music was too loud, the artists too energetic, and the stage was too far away for me to see. Here are some photos from the night.

I think this was Toby Mac.  It may have been Elvis Costello.  They both wear funny hats.


The stage appears to be on fire.  They didn’t evacuate the building – so it must have been planned.


Here is the Aurora Borealis as seen from the Sommet Center.



2 Responses to “Sweet Tunes”

  1. Laurie said

    Wow. It looked a little different from my seats. Where was I? Thats right, the 4th row!!!! I almost touched Toby when he crowd surfed in my direction. It was a cool night filled with young (and slightly old) believers rockin’ it out. I vote we make it a yearly event – maybe my ears will stop ringing by next time…

  2. Clark Bilbrey said

    That’s it Laurie, next time i’m coming with you. I was standing to the left of Chad. The music was great! Sadly, I couldn’t see anything, even with the help of my glasses. There’s always next year, though.

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