The Basics

January 12, 2009

It was a disappointing weekend for me.  The Titans, Panthers, and UNC Men’s Basketball team all walked away from their respective match-ups in defeat.  For the Titans and Panthers it’s the end of the road – at least for this season.  For UNC – after a strong November/December effort – they now start conference play at 0-2.  Not a good start.  Especially given the notion by some sports commentators that Carolina could go undefeated this season.  During last night’s loss to Wake Forest I caught/heard something curious that the coach shared from the bench.  Reading the lips of a head coach can be a little risky.  They can speak some harsh things.  However, on this particular occasion his words were “box out.”  His team was 13-0 going into the game with UNC.  They are a young team but certainly talented.  They’ve drilled.  They’ve practiced and scrimmaged.  They’ve watched tapes of their own play and that of others.  They’ve gone head-to-head with many opponents.  These guys know the drill.  They understand the game.  Their coach gets paid plenty of money.  The players are on scholarship.  It’s a tight game.  A worthy rival is on the ropes.  And what instruction does he provide?  BOX OUT.  I could have told you that.  I tried out for my middle school team.  I got cut during the first round.  I sat the bench in a church league.  I’m not much of a player.  But I understand the need to box out – to hold a position – to put my body between the basket/ball and another player – to deny the rebound to my opponent.  It’s basic stuff.  A fundamental of the game.  A well-coached elementary school kid can understand and execute the effort.  So all this got me to thinking.  Why do we tend to overcomplicate things?  Why does life need to be so convoluted, hectic, and out of sorts?  Are there some basics to which we can return?  Can we simplify?  Can we strip our routines of the clutter and anxiety?  Can we seek first His kingdom and trust God with the rest?  What do you think?           


2 Responses to “The Basics”

  1. I agree, Chad: simplifying and ‘trusting God’ on a ongoing basis with things outside of our control, does produce a much more healthy and fulfilling life. I haven’t cleared ALL the “clutter” or the “overcomplicating of things” completely, but I’m definitely growing in learning how to diminish them.

  2. Ben Goolsby said

    Excellent thought. I was curious where you were going when you started talking about reading coaches lips but you ended strongly. Very nice.

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