February 18, 2009

For Valentine’s Day – Rhonda and I (along with some friends) headed to the greater metropolitan area of Fly, TN. When you live in Dickson (pop. 12,244 according to the 2000 census) – you probably shouldn’t take cheap shots at “small towns.”  However, after some extensive research – I’ve discovered that Fly doesn’t have a population.  Again – according to 2000 records – the smallest town recorded was Silerton with a population of 60.  Shall we assume that Fly has fewer than 60 people in its vicinity?  My in-laws have that many people over for Christmas dinner.  Anyhow – we made the trek to Fly because of the outstanding reputation of Papa Boudreax.  Deep into the highlands of Fly – you’ll find a yellow cinder block building that houses Papa Boudreax’s Cajun Catering & Cafe.  We arrived at 5:30.  The projected wait for a table – “at least an hour.”  Given the distance we had traveled and the fact that I didn’t have a Plan B other than Sonic – we determined that we could handle the wait.  The projected wait provided ample time to travel to Columbia to search out an ATM.  You see – Papa Boudreax doesn’t take plastic.  Though his prices could lead one to think otherwise.  The wait turned out to be more like 2 hours and 15 minutes – but who’s counting.  Once we ordered, the food arrived quickly and was quite tasty.  And we enjoyed the company of our friends and the sweet tunes of the gentleman sitting on a stool with a guitar and a completely unnecessary PA system.  The place seats 30 and is made of block.  The speakers were a little much (those of you who think that the music at Cross Point is too loud will identify with this sentiment).  Overall it was a pleasant experience.  What’s the longest you’ve ever waited for a meal?  And was it worth it?   






2 Responses to “WORTH THE WAIT?”

  1. Ladybird said

    I have heard lots and lots of wonderful things about Papa Boudreaux’s! Several of my friends go on a regular basis and say that the food is wonderful.

    Longest that I have waited….3 hours at Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, MO. (The rodeo was in town and we all know how crazy things get when the rodeo is in town!) The wait is always loooong there anyway, but the food is well worth it! It is a fun place to go and take the kids. There is a guy that stands in the corner of the restaurant and if you want another roll, you just hold your hand up and he chucks one through the air at you. Fun atmosphere and well worth the wait!

  2. jangreggo said

    What? Raised in Dickson, catfish is my favorite food group. But I had to look Fly up on the map! Will definitely visit next time I’m home 🙂

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