I’ve made apologies in the past for long breaks between posts.  I think I should just admit my ongoing inability to make this a priority.  I do hope that you’ll check back often, but please don’t be shocked if there isn’t new content.  Don’t take it personally.

Our Cross Point Dickson office is located in a shared warehouse.  We selected the spot for it’s proximity to DCHS (where we meet for worship) and its potential for expansion.  Our landlord was once in the tractor business.  He just recently moved a fleet of lawn tractors from the warehouse to the parking lot.  It’s quite a collection.  It got me thinking about a story from my childhood.  My grandparents owned and operated a diary farm.  I regret some of my decisions during those years.  I preferred Little Debbie Snack Cakes and Scooby Doo episodes.  My sister on the other hand spent much of her time playing in the garden and enjoying the outdoors.  I didn’t have much interest in farming.  I wanted air-conditioning and entertainment.  There was one occasion when my interests and the farming community collided.  My grandfather ordered a tractor with an air-conditioned cab and radio.  A very cool concept from my perspective.  I knew that it was to be delivered soon – but wasn’t exactly sure of the timeline.  I recall riding in the backseat of my grandmother’s car as we rounded the curve in the road before their farm.  In the distance I could see this wonderful new machine.  I began to jump up and down with excitement.  I jumped so hard that I hit my head on the ceiling and nearly bit my tongue in half (I did recover).  I should have spent more time soaking up the experience (and actually participating in the efforts around the farm).  Not everyone has the chance to encounter farming firsthand.  While I don’t know how to drive a tractor, herd cattle, or plant soybeans – I did learn that jumping up and down in the backseat of a car is not a smart move.  

If you could turn back the clock on some missed opportunities – what would you have done differently?