observations of my spouse

April 1, 2009

admittedly, this could be a dangerous topic. but i’ve taken preemptive measures to ensure that i won’t get into any sort of trouble. rhonda and i just celebrated six years of marriage. i love being married and i truly love her. she’s been an amazing partner. she’s supportive, she has great faith, and she keeps me from having a stroke on my more trying days.  for our anniversary we took a trip to hilton head island.  it provided a great time to relax.  on the trip i was reminded of two distinct things about my wife.  first – she’s competitive.  i mean really competitive.  we started playing tennis on day two of our adventure.  she played a little in college.  i played a lot in middle and high school.  our playing in the years since has been sporadic for us both.  we hit around for a bit.  then rhonda asked to play a match.  i won the first game.  i won the second game.  and so forth.  i asked if she’d like to just hit again – you know – no score keeping.  she said no.  after going 0-18, rhonda won a game.  she wasn’t going to stop until she tasted just a little victory.  she’s determined – without question.  and did i mention competitive?  the other fun observation is her fear of alligators.  it’s not uncommon to find alligators in or around the ponds and lakes at hhi.  i haven’t verified this – but she’s convinced that they can run 50 miles an hour.  i’m unsure of their top speed but i have heard that you’re suppose to run zig-zag patterns if chased.  so anyhow – whenever we spotted a gator – i wanted to watch, capture a photo, and throw a stick at him/her and see what would happen next.  rhonda on the other hand – pedaled her bike as quickly as she could and scolded my interests.  when we ran into other people in the vicinity of the gator(s) – rhonda would share cautionary tales of danger and certain peril if they didn’t hurry back to the safety of their cottage or house.  she doesn’t seem to trust them.  she has little patience with gators of any size.  at least she is patient with me (unless of course i’m waiting to harass an alligator).

6 Responses to “observations of my spouse”

  1. Ladybird said

    All the more reason to love her! She is a great woman! I am scared of ‘gators too! 🙂

  2. Laurie said

    You have been blessed with a spouse with tremendous foresight. We don’t want the Christmas card to read Rhanda and Stumpy Roberts…
    Welcome back friends! Especially my girl. I’ve had no one to chat up for the past week. I’m not sure you can go away that long again.

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Congrats on 6 years!

  4. Ben Goolsby said

    Dude, did you leave all your capital letters in Hilton Head? Just askin…..Carolina education I guess.

  5. Happy Anniversary. You guys are the best!

  6. Jenn said

    One of the things I enjoy about Rhonda is that she is so competitive…certainly makes for an interesting game of Spades with you all! 🙂 I am the same way about wanting to win at least once. You and Heath can share lots of stories on that I am sure.

    Happy Anniversary! Glad you got away for a little bit!

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