30 Cents

May 11, 2009


The sandwich cost $5.99.  The chips cost $1.19.  The paper cup for water set me back an additional 30 cents.  Am I wrong to be frustrated?  Should I just provide my own empty container in the future?

3 Responses to “30 Cents”

  1. Jessica said

    I think it is dumb that they charge. But they are charging for the cup not the water. It is also dumb how much those stupid cups cost! I say we need to start bringing our own container (Go Green) But i always forget

  2. Ben Goolsby said

    I think that you are being ridiculous. It’s 30 cents man. I can walk outside and find that on the ground. I am pretty sure you go to the gas station and pay $1.50 for a bottle of water. Quizno’s is offering you(theoretically) unlimited water. If you think about it, you are dumber for paying for a 20oz bottle than your thirty cents for an unlimited supply. BAM!! I just went philisophical on you…..with love dude. Much love.

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