Any Ideas?

June 4, 2009

This is my lawn mower.



As you can see from the photos – it’s a 6.5 HP Toro.  It’s self-propelled and “guaranteed-to-start.”  It’s been a good mower.  For roughly five years it has chewed grass and weeds and (more recently) a few of Chester’s toys with ease.  Until last week – when the relationship changed.  I was mowing – which I might remind you doesn’t even rank on my list of enjoyed activities – when the mower stopped.  It has oil.  It has gas.  It started and was running fine.  And then stopped.  It’s still stopped.  No roar of the mighty 6.5 HP engine.  No grass flying from the side exit.  So what am I to do?  Hire someone to care for the yard?  Buy a new one?  Have it repaired or shall I assume that the cost to repair will set me back so much that I should just purchase another?  I’m not sure about City ordinances – but I’m tempted to buy some goats.